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Starting a business and investing in a foreign country can be very lucrative. However, it can also be very risky and complicated. Turkey is one of the most popular countries for education and investment because of its dynamic culture and growing economy. However, it should be noted that Turkey also has special legislation and restrictions. Therefore, before investing or starting a business or even visiting this country, you should be fully aware of these laws and legal procedures. Next, as the only official government representative for sales and investment, is your companion and advisor in all areas of investment, exchanging, renting cars and houses, company registration, and property purchase in Turkey. Everything we do will give you an altogether better experience of slling, letting, buying, or renting property.



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Buying and Selling property in Turkey

Next is here to introduce you the most profitable properties in the best areas of Turkey.

obtaining Turkish citizenship

There are some options for you to apply for Turkish citizenship, Next company will show you the right way depending on your situation.

Investing Advisory

Finding the best fields of investment in a foreign country can be challenging. Next, as your business counselor, can remove these obstacles and issues.
اخذ اقامت و شهروندی ترکیه

Participation in construction projects

Working with a brokerage or a reliable and experienced partner in construction projects can be very rewarding. Next is here to guide you in projects and help you gain profits.

Required money transfer and exchange

Transferring money to Turkey can be costly and risky. Next company is your reliable broker in this field.

Renting a car

Renting your desired car in all parts of Turkey with the best prices is possible with Next company.

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Salar Gomian
CEO & Founder
Salar Gomian
CEO & Founder
Salar Ghomian, the co-founder and CEO of Next, created a great team of professionals and experts to make a dream come true. the one and only purpose of Next is to create a unique experience of travelling and investmesnt for you in the country, Turkey.

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