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While performing commercial and residential activities in a foreign country can be profitable, it can carry some risks and anxiety. . Due to cultural and geographical similarity between Iran and Turkey, Turkey has always been one of the popular places for immigration, education and investment for Iranians. However, a great deal of precaution has to be taken before investment or immigration due to particular laws and rules of the country. Next company as the only and exclusive representative of Iranian government in sales and investment business is your consultant in all areas such as investment, citizenship, getting residence permit, buying property, and immigration.

Next company services
Buying and Selling property in Turkey
Next is with you to introduce the most luxurious and profitable properties in the best parts of Turkey.
Getting residence permit and Turkish citizenship
There are some options for you to apply for Turkish citizenship, Next company will show you the right way depending on your situation.
Investment consultancy
Finding the best area to invest in a foreign country can be challenging, Next company will pave the way and offer you the best investment advice.
Partnership in construction and investment
Cooperating with a reliable and experienced partner in construction and investment can be practical and profitable.
Required money transfer and exchange
Transferring money to Turkey can be costly and risky. Next company is your reliable broker in this field.
Car rental
Renting your desired car in all parts of Turkey with the best prices is possible with Next company.

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Quick guide for getting residence permit and citizenship

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About founder

Salar Ghomian
Co-founder and CEO
Salar Ghomian
Co-founder and CEO
Salar Ghomian, the co-founder and CEO of Next, created a great team of professionals and experts to make a dream come true. the one and only purpose of Next is to create a unique experience of travelling and investmesnt for you in the country, Turkey.

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