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While performing commercial and residential activities in a foreign country can be profitable, it can carry some risks and anxiety. . Due to cultural and geographical similarity between Iran and Turkey, Turkey has always been one of the popular places for immigration, education and investment for Iranians. However, a great deal of precaution has to be taken before investment or immigration due to particular laws and rules of the country. Next company as the only and exclusive representative of Iranian government in sales and investment business is your consultant in all areas such as investment, citizenship, getting residence permit, buying property, and immigration.

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Buying and Selling property in Turkey
Next is with you to introduce the most luxurious and profitable properties in the best parts of Turkey.
If you obtain the citizenship of any country , you will be considered the citizen of that country and you will benefit from all the rights like other nationals of that country. (such as the right to free education, various types of free health insurance, opening accounts in different banks, work permit, permanent residence, etc.) The requirements for obtaining Turkish citizenship are different according to the type of your application, and there are many different ways to obtain Turkish citizenship. The most common methods available for obtaining Turkish citizenship are: obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment, property purchase, marriage and education, etc. Each of the methods mentioned has special rules and conditions that must be followed in order to apply for Turkish citizenship. Be aware of the rules and adapt your situation to the rules.As discussed above, getting Turkish citizenship brings many benefits, including the use of medical and banking facilities and having a valid and powerful passport. Due to the very high demand for Turkish citizenship, you may experience a lot of confusion and face challenges due to bulk of information. For this reason, it is very important to consult with experienced and knowledgeable people in this field. Next consulting team, with brilliant experience in the field of immigration and residence in Turkey will take into account your conditions and offer you the best options for obtaining Turkish citizenship and then will take the necessary measures to make it easier for you to become a Turkish citizen.
There are some options for you to apply for Turkish citizenship, Next company will show you the right way depending on your situation.
There are different ways to invest in Turkey, each of which has unique conditions, rules and costs. Also, the profitability, advantages and disadvantages of each method are different from each other. Since only some investment methods in Turkey lead to obtaining permanent residence in Turkey or becoming a Turkish citizen , it is better to get the professional guidance so as not to make a mistake. Next team will be your companion and advisor along the process and will ensure a profitable investment for you. The economic growth of Turkey, which has placed this country among the top 20 economies in the world, as well as the facilities provided by the Turkish government to attract foreign investors, have all caused us to witness an increasing investment in this country. Investing in Turkey provides an opportunity to receive a Turkish passport and become a citizen. Being a Turkish citizen means that you can take advantage of all the benefits of being a citizen, such as receiving special facilities, bank loans with reasonable interest rates, opening personal accounts, etc. As it was mentioned, there are different ways to invest in Turkey, such as company registration, property purchase, bank deposit, etc., and the Next team has the expertise and experience to guide you in all these areas.
Finding the best area to invest in a foreign country can be challenging, Next company will pave the way and offer you the best investment advice.
اخذ اقامت و شهروندی ترکیه
One of the most prominent and at the same time the most debatable sectors of the Turkish economy is the construction sector. This country has become the engine of economic growth and employment in the last few years with many developments in the field of construction. In other words, Turkey has created an unprecedented infrastructure transformation in this country by building the skyscrapers of Istanbul and the Eurasia tunnel that connects Europe and Asia underwater. Therefore, many investors are eager to participate in construction in Turkey. It can be said that one of the easiest and fastest options for obtaining Turkish citizenship is to participate in the construction of a property with an acceptable value. A construction partnership in Turkey is a reliable investment. In this type of investment, the value of the property in Turkey will increase every year and your money will not only be worthless, but it will also be very profitable when the property is ready. If you intend to participate in investing in the projects of reputable companies in Turkey, you can trust the Next team with peace of mind. In addition to finding very profitable projects, Next has found the best construction partnership contracts in Turkey for you and will be by your side as business and investment advice during this time. You can choose a sector in the Turkish construction industry, such as prefabricated buildings, projects under construction or purchase land, and start your investment activity by receiving the necessary guidance from the Business Next consulting team. After passing the necessary steps, in addition to earning a very high profit from this investment, you will also succeed in obtaining Turkish residence
Cooperating with a reliable and experienced partner in construction and investment can be practical and profitable.
Required money transfer and exchange
Transferring money to Turkey can be costly and risky. Next company is your reliable broker in this field.
Car rental
Renting your desired car in all parts of Turkey with the best prices is possible with Next company.

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سالار قمیان
مدیر عامل و موسس نکست
سالار قمیان
مدیر عامل و موسس نکست
سالار قمیان، بنیان‌گذار و رهبر تیم نکست​، در صدد رسیدن به رویاهای بلندپروازانه خود، تیمی متشکل از متخصصین و افراد خبره‌ی حوزه‌های مختلف را گرد هم آورد. هدف نکست، ارائه بهترین راه‌حل‌ها و راهبردها برای سرمایه‌گذاری پربازده و اقامت مطمئن در کشور ترکیه‌است.

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